Our Why


Kerr Atlantic is the the product of living a full life, constantly on the go! Traveling back and forth between Kerr Lake and the Crystal Coast, Jane Katherine was tired of having to think ahead about every possible event she may need to dress, and ultimately pack for. Phillip, her very patient husband, was just trying to lighten the bag load he was forced to carry every weekend! This is where Kerr Atlantic comes in. Every piece is designed to be dressed up or down and can be worn to a cocktail party or out on an errand run! She no longer needed to pack her entire closet to be prepared (and Phillip no longer needed a back brace). From lake to lunch, she was covered! Our pieces are made to be thrown on with no thought, but make you look like you spent all day curating the perfect look. Pack less, do more! Kerr Atlantic is ready when you are.

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