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How do you decide what to wear? Is it based on your office policy? Maybe you have to think about all you need to get done that day. When I created this line, I wanted pieces that would work from day to night, place to place. I can confidently say that I have worn each piece to numerous events, which had very different dress codes. The Chloe has been worn to a concert and then church the next morning. I have worn the Lily out car shopping all day and then out on the town with the girls. Molly has been both a top and a cardigan, and Ellie is my go to throw on and go dress. Basically, they...

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/kɑːr / Atlantic

  Kerr Atlantic got it's name from my childhood home on Kerr Lake and my new home on the Crystal Coast. I grew up on the North Carolina/Virginia border and spent my fun summers between the lake and many of the awesome North and South Carolina beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up, anytime you heard Kerr Lake, you could immediately tell who was and wasn't local by the way they pronounced the name. If you weren't from around the area, it was almost always misspoken as the same as model, Miranda Kerr. But true Buggs Islanders (another local name for Kerr Lake) know how it's meant to be said. Whether you say Kerr or 'Car', we are happy to...

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